Jevon Sims talks ‘New Atlanta’ love triangle

    Vawn Sims, The New AtlantaThere are a lot of romantic connections forming among the cast members of “The New Atlanta,” but Jevon Vawn Sims isn’t exactly sure they’re turning into what he’d refer to as a “love triangle.”

    “Sometimes it’s a rectangle and a square, too,” he said. “It’s every kind of triangle, octagon that you can imagine.”

    On the Bravo series, Vawn has been casually dating Africa Miranda, who once was interested in co-star Tribble Reese. Then, there’s Alex Dilworth, Africa’s former friend who seems to have her eye on Vawn, too. The two ladies ended up in a physical altercation after Alex confronted Africa about Vawn.

    As “New Atlanta” viewers have gathered, Tribble doesn’t seem to quite agree with Jevon’s seemingly carefree romantic relationships. Vawn explained that he has a unique outlook on relationships. For one, he doesn’t really hold to traditional gender roles.

    “I think that’s where we fail, as soon as we put roles on it,” he told Sister 2 Sister. “What am I supposed to say, ‘You should cook? You should clean?’ I can cook very well. I clean very well, too. I can do it all. That’s one thing that my mama taught me. She gave me well-roundedness. Why not go into dating open? Maybe you might supersede my expectations and vice versa, and let’s make some new ones.”

    While it’s not a novel idea, Vawn also believes in honesty.

    “Everybody at some point is running the game,” he said. “The game should be truthful and not lies. That’s the difference. Don’t tell ‘em you love them, you want to be with them and be committed if you’re not going to do that. It’s okay to play the game and give the roses and the flowers and surprise her at work, but just make sure it’s true. Don’t do that if that’s not want you want to do all the time.”

    Though he’s single, Jevon, author of the new book The Man U All Love, Need, Want and Hate, has little doubt that when the time comes he’ll be able to charm the woman he chooses to be his queen.

    Does he think he can have any woman he wants?

    “In my confidence, I would say I’mma go at it like I’m not going to lose, but there’s no 100 percent ratio for anything. No one bats 100,” he said. “I’m confident in my persistence. You might turn me down today, but you’re going to have to turn me down for the rest of the year if I’m that interested.”

    Get a preview of Tuesday’s all-new episode, airing at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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