Meeka Claxton working on reality TV series

    Meeka ClaxtonKenya Bell might be returning to “Basketball Wives” tonight, but she’s not the only former cast member headed back to reality TV.

    “I will be returning,” Meeka Claxton told about her future on the boob tube. “I am in talks for a few options and I’m deciding what will work for my family and I.”

    For a while there, it seemed like Meeka’s affiliation with the hit VH1 show was just one big mistake, but in retrospect, she can say that some good came out of it.

    “It gave me a platform for my businesses and I’ve actually added five more businesses to my portfolio since I’ve been on the show. So, there’s definitely a benefit,” she said.

    Meeka appeared on one season of “Basketball Wives” and didn’t quite make it into the “inner circle.” She clashed with more than one of her co-stars and things got physical between her and Tami Roman.

    However, Tami and Meeka recently mended things, and she believes Tami’s apology was authentic.

    “It was deep, and it was truly a sincere reconciliation,” Meeka explained. “I think her turning point was when she started to get a lot of backlash from viewers, and people not only passing judgment on her, but her family. I was a victim of similar backlash and opinions when I was portrayed in a light not consistent with my character.”

    While the drama and cattiness has often been a focal point of the show, Meeka denied that real NBA wives act that way.

    “What you see on ‘Basketball Wives’ is not how real basketball wives treat each other. We are all very supportive and uplifting,” said Meeka. “There are things I discuss with the wives circle that I can’t discuss with friends I’ve known for years. It’s a lifestyle that some women just can’t understand.”

    Meeka also leans on her family for support.

    “My parents and my husband’s parents are always willing to step in when necessary if we need a helping hand,” she said.

    Meeka’s fans may be able to see for themselves how her daily life unfolds if her reality show is picked up.

    Read Meeka’s entire Everything Girls Love interview here.

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