T-Boz bracing for Pebbles lawsuit?

    TBozPebbles comes off as a bit of a villain in VH1’s TLC biopic, premiering tonight, and T-Boz said her portrayal could have been even worse.

    “We did not tell everything that could have been told,” T-Boz recently told Wendy Williams. To clear the air, she clarified that not all the blame falls on Pebbles who initially put Chilli, Left Eye and T-Boz together.

    “It wasn’t just her,” she said.

    In the made-for-TV film, the group members continually ask Pebbles for the money made from their hit records, but the record executive seemingly brushes them off, explaining that their money needs to be spent elsewhere.

    Though their relationship wasn’t a smooth one, T-Boz said she has no ill feelings toward Pebbles.

    “We have no problems with Pebbles at all. We did not slander her,” she said. “This movie is from our perspective and what happened to us. We did not lie.”

    Last week, Pebbles took to Twitter and implied that she’d be fighting against the film’s accusations, which she considered slanderous, and T-Boz isn’t surprised.

    “She’ll probably want to sue us,” said T-Boz who enjoyed working on the project.

    “It’s like going on a roller coaster. There are so many ups and downs: laughter, crying, sad memories, good feelings,” she told VH1. “It’s a good feeling, and it ends up with a happy ending.”

    Chilli said she hopes watching TLC’s story unfold will be motivation for others who face obstacles.

    “I want them to see how resilient TLC is. Whatever dream, whatever your heart desires, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else around you, don’t give up ever,” she told Bossip.com. “I hope it’s a huge inspiration for everybody.”

    Watch Chilli and T-Boz on “Wendy” below.

    TLC talks to The Huffington Post. Watch.

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