Tasha Marbury: ‘Suzie wouldn’t stand a chance in the ring’

    Suzie Ketcham, Tasha MarburyHad things gotten physical between Tasha Marbury and Suzie Ketcham, Tasha said Suzie would not have come out on top.

    “We all know that if it came down to it, that Suzie wouldn’t stand a chance in the ring,” said Tasha who boxes and lifts weights as part of her fitness regimen.

    Viewers of the show witnessed Suzie and Tasha nearly came to blows in a hotel hallway. They didn’t actually touch one another, but Suzie ran up behind Tasha and knocked the hat off her head.

    “Her hitting my hat off was just her being, maybe like I said, she didn’t take her meds that day,” said Tasha. “It’s not that big of a deal.”

    The ladies ultimately apologized to one another and have since moved on from that drama. However, Tasha told Bossip.com that what fans see on the show isn’t what she’s experienced in her real life as an NBA wife.

    Though she’s getting along with most of her co-stars now, she said the cattiness is not indicative of the relationship between real basketball wives.

    “I’ve never had, throughout my time in being with Stephon [Marbury], and being with women…he was in the league for 13 years, I never had any issue with any wife, girlfriend. It was more like sisterhood. We all got along…We just all embraced each other,” Tasha explained.

    She said that’s something that’s missing with among her co-stars.

    “I just feel like there needs to be more positive things going on,” said Tasha who is the only actual wife on the show this season. “It’s just not a good depiction to me of what true basketball wives, or wives in general go through.”

    Unlike some of her co-stars, Tasha has been able to refrain from physical altercations on the show, and she’s been labeled bourgie by some of them.

    “It’s just me being who I am. Class to me is organic. It’s not something you can pay for. I’ve always carried myself to a very high standard. I’m 37 years old. There’s no need for me to fight and curse people out. You can articulate yourself in a way where you don’t have to act crazy and throwing bottles at somebody,” she said. “That’s just now how I carry on.”

    Get a preview of tonight’s episode.

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