‘Basketball Wives’ recap: Season 5 ep. 10

    Tasha Marbury vs. stalker

    Tasha Marbury came face to face with her stalker and her husband’s self-proclaimed mistress. For the past few months, a woman named Monet has been trying to insert herself in to Tasha’s life by claiming that she and the “BBW” star’s husband Stephon Marbury are having a relationship.

    The cast tried to handle to the friction between in a civilized manner, but it looked more like a group therapy session. Monet was determined to be queen bee of the roundtable confrontation as she insisted that she and Stephon were carrying on an affair of the heart. As evidence of her boo-status, Monet pointed to her friends list and argued that Tasha doesn’t know her own family. She also claimed that Stephon has sent her pictures before.

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