Daily Buzz 10.22.13: VH1 teases ‘Single Ladies’ season 3

    New ‘Friday’ movie set to go into pre-production in November

    Fans of the Friday franchise will have something extra to be thankful for this year! According to The Humor Mill, the long-rumored fourth Friday movie is slated to go into pre-production next month! Several small details need to be hammered out, but it looks like the movie is going to happen.

    Several of the major players are supposedly on-board for the film. A source close to production told The Humor Mill that Ice Cube, Mike Epps and Katt Williams are all ready to go. Better than that, Chris Tucker has shaken off his reluctance towards the project and he’s supposedly coming back too!

    There’s no word on whether John Witherspoon has signed on for the next Friday movie yet, but The Humor Mill reports that Universal Studios will make him an offer. Terry Crews, Sommore, Don ‘DC’ Currey and Rickey Smiley may also be getting some offers for the film soon as well!

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