Africa Miranda talks ‘New Atlanta’ bathroom brawl

    Africa Miranda, Alexandria Dilworth, The New AtlantaWhen “The New Atlanta” premiered, it seems there was a casual friendship between Africa Miranda and co-star Alexandra Dilworth, but their relationship definitely took a turn for the worse after a bathroom brawl that included punching and pulling hair.

    “You’ll see the progressions or the changes in our friendship and our relationship,” said Africa who first took issue with Alex when the younger socialite failed to quickly apologize for arguing during Africa’s birthday party.

    Instead of mending their relationship, things got worse when the women started spending time with the same man, co-star Jevon Sims.

    Though the bachelor isn’t committed to any woman, Africa understandably didn’t appreciate Alex throwing her interest in Vawn in her face, and that’s when things between the women became physical.

    “I’ve never felt as violated or unprotected as I did in that moment. To be followed into the bathroom by someone [whose] intent I will always believe was to attack me, is both alarming and disgusting to watch,” Africa wrote in her Bravo blog.

    While their friendship has obviously been damaged, Africa refrained from bashing her co-star.

    “It’s so easy to be catty,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I feel like it’s a waste of negative energy to be catty.”

    As a matter of fact, Africa found a few nice things to say about Alex, who admitted on the show that she enjoyed antagonizing Africa.

    “I met her parents, and I actually met her mother…They’re wonderful people, very nice. They love their daughter,” said Africa who thinks that’s a great portrayal to have on reality TV.

    “It is wonderful for a girl of color to live such a privileged life,” Africa said about Alex who admitted that she’s fine being someone’s future trophy wife.

    “Do I think her view of life is a bit skewed? Yes,” she told S2S.

    Her attempts at avoiding cattiness challenged, Africa did describe Alex as “negative, violent and destructive,” and she seemed equally disappointed in her own behavior, having given as good as she got in the bathroom altercation with Alex.

    “I’m still so disappointed in myself,” she wrote. “It will absolutely not be a repeat performance in the story of my life.”

    Watch Africa vs. Alex below.

    Are you Team Africa or Team Alex? Leave your comments below.

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