Evelyn Lozada shuts down ‘Basketball Wives’ reunion

    Evelyn Lozada
    “Basketball Wives” fans won’t be getting any closure on this season’s round of madness because VH1 will not be airing a reunion special.

    “Basketball Wives” has come to an abrupt and immediate end.

    For many reality show that cycle isn’t really over until the cast has gotten together to rehash all the drama in a final pow-wow. With “Basketball Wives,” fans could always count on the central circle showing up in their platform pumps for the reunion.

    This season, though, TMZ.com reports that VH1 has canceled the “Basketball Wives” season 5 reunion because Evelyn Lozada has decided not to participate. The post-season show should have been taped earlier this month, but Evelyn opted out because she just doesn’t want to talk about her split from Chad Johnson anymore. Supposedly, she had it on good authority that the host would really delve into her divorce.

    Reportedly, Evelyn’s ready to be completely done with the show as a whole.

    With Evelyn out of the picture, sources told TMZ that producers didn’t believe that the rest of the cast had enough to talk about to fill out an hour-long reunion format. Instead of perhaps scaling back to a 30-minute reunion, the network pulled the plug on the entire thing.

    There’s no word on whether VH1 plans to reschedule the reunion, but it’s unlikely to happen.

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