Lil Mo offers advice, prayers for Chris Brown

    Lil MoLil Mo is optimistic that recently incarcerated R&B singer Chris Brown can change things for the better, but she suggested he may have to cut some people loose to make that happen.

    “I consider other artists my co-workers. I really want Chris Brown to be delivered. I think he can bounce back,” she told Sister 2 Sister.

    To say Chris Brown has had a difficult few years would be an understatement, and he appeared in court in Washington, D.C. today after being charged with felony assault during Howard University’s Homecoming weekend.

    Chris is still on probation as a result of the infamous ’09 incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. According to reports, any arrest could be considered a violation of his probation and lead to jail time; although, it’s expected that Chris will be released from custody today.

    Lil Mo, who knows a thing or two about celebrity, wondered how members of Chris’ camp allowed someone to get close enough to the singer that a physical altercation could even occur.

    “How are they getting that close?” asked Mo who joked that despite her “ratchet” ways “nobody has ever approached me like that.”

    If Chris had the right people around him, he wouldn’t be getting himself into these situations, Lil Mo reasoned. He’s reportedly had physical altercations with Drake and Frank Ocean this year.

    “It’s always something,” Mo said. “Why are people able to cross that line with him?”

    If she were advising Chris, Mo said she’d tell him to surround himself with those people he can really trust and those who will have his back.

    “You fight, your girl better throw ‘bows, too,” she said. “If I go down, everybody that’s with me better catch that L and that fade with me.”

    While her advice may or may not be helpful to Chris, there’s one thing Lil Mo is doing to try to uplift her fellow singer.

    “I’m really praying for that situation,” she said. “He needs his mama back around him. You need the people that really love and care for you.”


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