Kim Kardashian and Kanye West consider TV wedding?


    Kim Kardashian just might be getting married on TV again, but her fiance Kanye West said he’s only inviting cameras for the nuptials if the price is right.

    Before, whenever anyone in the Kardashian Kamp was asked about whether Kim and Kanye would shoot their wedding for TV, the answer was always no. They claimed that the pair wanted to keep the whole thing private because Kim’s done the big wedding and her rapper beau wanted to keep things intimate.

    During a recent chat on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” Kanye revealed that he has changed his tune! Although he and Kim haven’t started planning their big day just yet, Kanye’s got a few over-the-top ideas.

    “[The wedding will] probably be next summer. I only got two words in my mind as far as the wedding goes and that’s ‘fighter jets,’” he told Big Boy.

    And if E! cameras are going to be allowed into the event, the network’s going to have to pay top dollar to see Kim and Kanye say “I do.”

    “I would take as much as possible, if you’re gonna pay me,” Kanye dished before explaining his new attitude about sharing certain aspects of his life with the world. “Me and Kim are in the exploitation business. We get paid to exploit ourselves. I’mma give my daughter the opportunity to exploit [herself]. That’s why we didn’t get any money to take baby pictures.”

    He continued, “If I would go perform somebody’s wedding for a million dollars and somebody wanna give me 10 million for mine, I would take it.”

    E! filmed the proposal last week and Kim has said that the rapper caught her completely off guard. Kanye gives his bride-to-be a little more credit than that. “I think Kim just knows everything. …It’s not a surprise.  She knew I was eventually gonna ask her to marry me, I just had to get that ring right,” said Kanye, who actually got the engagement ring just hours before he popped the question.

    “I worked with four different jewelers. Three rings were made, only one actually hit the finger with Lorraine [Schwartz], she came through,” he revealed. “With the ring, I actually changed it the night before. That ring was less than four hours old by the time I gave it to her.

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