EXCLUSIVE: Alexandra Dilworth advises women to work


    Although Alexandra Dilworth has grown from her experience on “The New Atlanta,” she still has aspirations of being a trophy wife. But she doesn’t think that’s for everybody.

    Every reality show has to have a villain, and Alex was pegged as the prime candidate to fill that role on “The New Atlanta.” The Bravo reality star admits that while it can sting a little bit at times, she’s enjoying the rewards that come with an unfavorable edit.

    “To be honest with you, at times it’s like, ‘No! Why did they do that? It hurts,” Alex told S2S. “At the end of the day, I love it because it has people talking. It has people out there and my name is in their mouth.

    In Alex’s opinion, fans of the show will get to see lots of positive things from her in the very near future as she continues to mature. “Although they do see some negative aspects of me, I know that when they see the positive it is just going to wow them,” said Alex. “I am young, I have a lot going for me and I have grown.

    Alex may have grown up a bit since the last time Bravo cameras filmed “The New Atlanta,” but one thing she has not changed her mind about is her goal of being a trophy wife. However, Alex doesn’t believe that being one is nearly as easy everyone thinks it is.

    “One thing that I hate is this whole thing with the ‘trophy wife,'” said Alexandra, who is bothered by the assumption that she just wants to live off of a wealthy man for the rest of her life. She still wants to contribute to her home life, and she believes that more women (even working moms) should aspire to be a trophy wife.

    “No, that is not by any means what I am looking for. I am saying a trophy wife is a dedicated housewife,” Alex continued. She is about her family. She is about her husband. She’s about social affairs. She’s a philanthropist. She does everything that needs to be done to hold this household together.”

    Of course not every trophy wife will get to be a stay-at-home mom, and she denied the assumption that she feels working mothers are bad parents. “Not one bit. What I believe is that someone needs to be in the house. Whether it’s a male or a female,” Alex asserted. “I understand that not all households can allow that for monetary.”

    She concluded, “If you need to put food on the table, go to work. I’m not talking to those women. If we’re complaining about the next bill, you need to go to work.”

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