Peter Gunz: ‘I’ve always had a problem being loyal’


    Peter Gunz isn’t surprised that he ruined his relationship with Tara Wallace since he know he’s always had an issue with infidelity.

    The season 4 premiere of “Love & Hip Hop” offered up a new love triangle for fans to gawk at as Peter Gunz carried on a relationship with Amina Buddafly behind his girlfriend Tara Wallace’s back.

    Amina said that she and Peter were together for a year, and Peter managed to keep that relationship a secret for months until production on the show began. That’s when everything hit the fan.

    During his visit to “Sway In The Morning,” Peter explained that he began messing around with Amina while he and Tara were on the verge of a breakup. Since he figured things with Tara were over, he’d just overlap into a tryst with Amina.

    “When you’re up to no good, and you have a beautiful, smart woman like I have Tara,” Peter told Sway, “Absolutely the right thing to do is to break up with the one you’re with and move on. ”

    Peter, who was not wearing a wedding band for the interview, confessed that a big motivator for him to even join the cast of “LHH” was that he’s not as financially stable as he would like to be. He reasoned that since his whole love life was about to implode, this would be a good opportunity to make some money off of the entire mess. “Sh*t was gonna blow up anyway.” Peter resignedly told Sway. “I was going to get busted. Why not get paid to get busted?”

    The rapper admits that although he could have fronted for the cameras, he wanted to be honest about his situation. “I’m f*cked up out here,” Peter said. “Last time I went to the ATM, that sh*t told me to get the f*ck outta here. I had one hit… when they called me about the show, I was 3 months behind the rent.”

    He added, “As an old black man, I should be setting better examples.”

    This could explain why Peter was living with Tara on the “LHH” season 4 premiere. On the topic of Tara, the rapper didn’t try to assign her any blame for his behavior in their relationship. In fact, he owned up to fact that he has long-standing issues with cheating.

    “I can absolutely tell you I have no complaints about Tara. She’s dope! It’s me. It’s my bullsh*t,” Peter admitted, adding that he’s ruined several relationships by cheating. “I’ve never been in a relationship where it was the woman’s fault. I’ve always had a problem being loyal.”

    At one point during the 52-minute chat, Peter even called Tara up to say that she deserves better. She wasn’t really impressed by Peter’s attempt to communicate. “When people say that someone ‘deserves better,’ its just an excuse to contiune to do bad,” Tara explained. “If you know something is bad, then you do better.”

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