Africa calls ‘non-relationship’ with Vawn ‘the best’

    Africa Miranda, Vawn Sims, The New AtlantaThough it was clearly a bit more than casual, Africa Miranda confirmed that her relationship with co-star Jevon Sims was just a friendship…and still is.

    “I did not fall in love, nor am I in love with Vawn. This entire season everyone from viewers to my cast mates has called Vawn my man and my boyfriend…except me. We are friends,” Africa wrote on her blog.

    Though they were just friends (with benefits), Africa said she received a lot of harsh criticism from those who questioned her choice to spend time with a man who wasn’t interested in commitment.

    “I have been blind, deaf and dumb for love in my life…we all have, but not in this situation,” she said.

    “The New Atlanta” viewers likely thought differently as Africa seemed to fall for Vawn, a self-proclaimed bachelor who isn’t looking for monogamy. She had to admit that feelings were involved when she watched him leave an event with another girl, leaving her shocked and offended.

    However, when co-star Alexandra Dilworth presented Vawn with the choice of leaving a second event and cutting out on Africa, he opted to take Africa’s feelings into consideration.

    “In that moment, it was about their choices, not mine,” Africa acknowledged. “I’m not going to bash my cast mate about it because it isn’t necessary. I didn’t ‘win’ anything and in my eyes what Vawn chose in that moment had more to do with him than me.”

    So, where does that leave things between Vawn and Africa now?

    At the end of season 1, viewers watched as he invited Africa on a weekend getaway. Did that lead to a commitment?

    “Over the course of this show and since we’ve finished, we’ve continued to get to know each other and he’s become one of my closest friends and the best ‘non-relationship’ I’ve ever had,” she said, hinting that there’s a lot more to the story.

    “I do know that if you could see the real scope of our friendship outside of the moments and snippets you’ve seen you would be VERY surprised,” she wrote.

    Watch as Vawn chooses Africa’s feelings over his own lust.

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