Amina worried Peter will cheat on her too

    Amina_BuddaflySure she realized that Peter Gunz had a babymama, but Amina Buddafly is denying that she knew how serious things between Peter and Tara Wallace were before she hooked up with the man.

    “I did feel bad once I found out the situation,” Amina told “I hate to like talk bad about Peter, but it’s really his mess. He lied to me as well as to her.”

    According to Amina, had she realized that Peter was in a serious 13-year relationship with the mother of two of his sons, she might have avoided starting a romantic relationship with him.

    Amina admits she looks “kinda bad” in season 4 of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” While Peter plays the family man role with Tara, viewers see him sneaking quickies with Amina in other scenes, managing to make her look like the mistress.

    However, she claims that the two are married, and she has proof. “Documents, papers, everything…,” said Amina, describing the evidence she has to back up her assertion.

    Though Amina knew she and Peter weren’t in an exclusive relationship the entire time, she didn’t realize what kind of secrets he was keeping.

    “He was acting like he was single man,” she told “I found out about his second child after he got married. He just was not open with everything.”

    The singer-turned-reality star maintains that she never wanted to separate Peter from his family, and she still isn’t standing between him and his fatherly duties.

    “He does go over there everyday. I never wanted to take him away from his children. He spends a lot of time—still to this day—he spends a lot of time over there,” she said.

    That’s a generous amount of trust for a woman whose husband was basically living another life, and Amina can only hope Peter doesn’t do to her what he did to Tara.

    “I’m absolutely worried. Who am I to think that with me, he’s not going to do that?…He’s just the kind of person who does whatever he wants,” Amina told “He has not been faithful to her and that’s why I’m worried that he won’t be with me.”

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