Yandy Smith weighs in on Tara vs. Amina

    Yandy Smith“Love & Hip Hop: New York” original cast member Yandy Smith has proven that she’s not really about the reality TV drama, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an opinion when it comes to the Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace romantic rivalry.

    “Tara Wallace, I absolutely love. She is the girlfriend of Peter Gunz,” Yandy told Entertainment Weekly.

    Viewers who tuned in to watch the season premiere, couldn’t have missed that the music producer is in the middle of a love triangle with his sons’ mother, Tara, and his artist, who claims to be his secret wife.

    Yandy said she’s known Peter for a while and figures he just made a mistake by getting involved with Amina.

    “I’ve known him for years from the industry, but really got to know him in taping the show. He’s a good guy, but I think he made a very stupid decision. You have a woman that has held you down, held your family down, put her career on hold to better your life and you cheat on her?” she asked.

    Yandy knows a thing or two about standing by her man. She’s remaining faithful to incarcerated beau Mendeecees.

    “I love him. I feel like with love you are loyal. I feel like I’m living every day with the hopes that he will be back very soon. I’m about family and I made a commitment to him,” she explained. “What kind of person would I be to leave him?”

    Though she’s apparently taking her commitment seriously, Yandy described Peter’s situation as “messy, messy, messy.”

    “I met her through taping,” she said about Amina. “I met her as she stood hand-in-hand with Peter while he introduced her to his girlfriend and introduced me to his girlfriend. I don’t respect someone that comes into a situation and tries to turn it upside down, especially when there’s children involved.”

    It seems Yandy’s loyalties lie with Tara, and she hinted that maybe Peter will see the error of his ways.

    “Sometimes when you’re shooting, you don’t see how dumb you look until it plays out in front of you and you’re watching as a spectator,” she said.

    Check out more of Yandy’s interview here.

    Get a preview of Monday’s new episode below.

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