‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: Season 4 ep. 2

    Keep this on the hush

    Amina must have forgotten that she’s supposed to be a secret because she was all smiles when Peter popped up to stop her from attending K.Michelle’s welcome party. And he wasn’t a moment too soon!

    Just as he parked the car across the street from the club, Amina walked up ready to have a good time. When she saw Peter, she just knew he was going to walk in on her arm as her man. Unfortunately, there were a couple of things waiting to ruin her night:

    1) She didn’t know that Peter’s girlfriend Tara Wallace was also on the guest list.
    2) Peter still hadn’t told Tara (or anyone else for that matter) that he and Amina are legally married.

    When Peter swooped in to keep her from heading to the party and blowing up his spot, Amina was noticeably crushed because she’s tired of his being his dirty little secret.

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