Patti LaBelle opens up about rift with Diana Ross

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    WR_PattiLabelle_061011.jpgDecades before Twitter emerged, legendary singers Patti LaBelle and Diana Ross were engaged in their own “beef” of sorts that, in retrospect, seems about as petty as those fans witness among artists today.

    The R&B greats were apparently on the outs for years, until Oprah Winfrey unknowingly helped them put the drama behind them.

    Patti, who sat down with Oprah at the historic Apollo Theater on Sunday’s “Next Chapter,” explained how rumors divided the two mega-stars and kept them at arms length for years.

    “Things for years, it would be: the Supremes are fabulous. They’re the best. We were Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. We were performing here on stage and we wore these gold lamé beautiful suits and the Supremes came on right after us…with the same gold lamé. They went to Woolworths or where ever we went… and bought the same freaking’ outfits,” explained Patti who also said gossip fueled the fire.

    “It was always an in and out thing. I would hear things that Diana might have said about me. She probably didn’t,” Patti said in retrospect. However at the time, she actually thought Diana disliked her.

    “We went years without seeing each other, talking on the phone or anything,” she said.

    Thankfully, that changed in 2005 when Oprah hosted a Legends Ball, inviting women trailblazers from all walks of life to gather and honor one another.

    “When I went to your house and Diana was there, we sat at the luncheon at the same table,” Patti said. “I never wanted a rift with her because I love her talent. She’s one of the best out there. W exchanged phone numbers and started talking to each other after the Legends Ball. We’re buddies now.”

    Watch more from Patti and Oprah below.

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    13 thoughts on “Patti LaBelle opens up about rift with Diana Ross

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