Peter Gunz regrets marrying Amina Buddafly


    Peter Gunz isn’t proud of how his marriage to Amina Buddafly started out or what it did to his relationship with Tara Wallace.

    The “Love & Hip Hop” star doesn’t sound like most new grooms. While most men that have just gotten married are proud to show off their blushing brides, Peter wanted Amina to keep their marriage a secret while he continued to live with Tara.

    The “Uptown Baby” rapper was put on the spot about who he’s actually with. “It’s still the hardest question in the world to answer. I’m with Amina. Amina and I are married,” Peter clarified, admitting that the way he got into the marriage . “I know y’all want to kill me out there. All the women want to kill me out there. I’m only giving my best explanation and that’s not excuses. It’s wrong. It’s dead wrong,”

    When asked why chose to marry Amina, he revealed that it was a hasty decision made at a bad time during his relationship with Tara. As he’s stated before, he and Tara were in a “a dark place” when he began messing with Amina. But he revealed that the marriage was more of a way putting Amina on hold while he wrapped things up with Tara–or so he said.

    “Just to show Amina–‘wait for me. I promise you,” said Peter. “I jumped out the window and I did something I regret because Tara didn’t deserve that. She deserved for me to come out and say…’I’m out.’

    Of course, there may have been some alcohol involved in the decision-making process when he proposed the idea of heading down to the court house to get hitched. “I have no explanation. It was dead wrong,” Peter said as he hung his head. “It was definitely one of those nights where everyone was drinking. That was a mean night.”

    According to Peter, Tara already knew that there was something more to his professional relationship with Amina than he was letting on. A confrontation was already on the horizon, but Peter said that Tara took appearing on the show as an opportunity to get more concrete evidence of his suspected infidelity.

    “Tara was already onto Amina. ‘Yall hanging out. I know she’s a musician; you’re a musician. Something’s not adding up with these pictures posted on Instagram,'” Peter revealed. “She was on her way to go start tracking Amina down. [Mona Scott-Young] and them told her to pumped Tara’s brakes.”

    Peter resignedly added, “Tara is dope, man. And I gotta say it again: I’m still very much in love with Tara. I love her, but she’s just done.”

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