Wendy Williams fed up with DMX


    Wendy Williams has given DMX a hard deadline to appear on her show after he pulled a dramatic no-show earlier this week.

    The rapper was supposed to appear on “The Wendy Williams Show” yesterday, and he failed to show up for his scheduled performance. This, of course, was following his arrest and release on Monday.

    Like any good gossip, Wendy filled her fans in on all the drama behind the scenes. Apparently, her team bent over backwards to make arrangements for him and his family before he finally opted to skip the show.

    “We made…five plane reservations for that man to come up here from South Carolina, and he missed all five flights,” a clearly annoyed Wendy revealed. “Then there’s some guy in his life named Moe that has a van and was going to drive him the 10 hours from South Carolina.”

    Pointing to her head, she added, “His pastor said there was something going on up here and he wasn’t really in a good place.”

    If that weren’t enough, DMX also demanded that the people at “Wendy” book a plane ticket for one of his babymamas. Unfortunately, she was about as good as getting to the airport on time as he was. “X said that he wasn’t going to come up here unless we–now all of a sudden–fly the baby’s mother up here so that I guess they can have visitation backstage,” Wendy said.

    But the real gag was when the unidentified babymama tried to get on a different flight with no reservation. “She missed the flight,” Wendy revealed. “Showed up at the airport randomly the next day to get on the plane–no telephone call or anything. Like she could just use the tickets!”

    Fed up with all of the shenanigans, Wendy put her foot down, stating, “I told you all he has until Friday, and I mean this. The show here must go on.”

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