Daily Buzz 11.8.13: Joe Budden proposes to Tahiry?

    Joe Budden proposes to Tahiry?

    Could Joe Budden be ready to jump the broom? The “Pump It Up” rapper has people wondering whether he popped the question to his on-again girlfriend Tahiry after the pair were spotted having what seemed to be serious discussion in Time Square last night. A couple of fans caught the moment on Instagram, but there’s no telling what they were talking about.

    At first glance it might seem like Joe and Tahiry were just having a regular conversation, but Joe made their chat a production by playing a special video on the jumbotron at the crossroads of the world!

    Not to worry! “Love & Hip Hop” cameras were on hand for the heart-to-heart discussion, so fans will probably find out what they were talking about later this season.

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