Tamar Braxton defend Julianne Hough’s black face


    Tamar Braxton didn’t see anything wrong Julianne Hough’s decision to use brown makeup to dress up as Crazy Eyes for Halloween.

    While most of the world was up in arms that Julianne caked way too much bronzer on her face to be the Black character from “Orange Is The New Black,” Tamar wasn’ offended at all. In fact, the Love And War singer said people were blowing the whole thing way out of proportion.

    “I think people are on team too much right now, cause it’s Halloween, and you should go dressed as you want to. That’s the past,” she said, adding that it works both ways and people shouldn’t be offended if she decided to be a member of the KKK for Halloween. “If I was dressed up in all white with a cone hat would you be mad at me? No! It’s a Halloween party. I’m just saying.”

    Adding that Julianne’s intent may not have been malicious, she continued, “I mean, it’s not like you are trying to be racist or offensive or anything like that. It’s just Halloween.”

    Besides, Tamar doesn’t see too much difference between what she did for Halloween and the way she normally looks on TV. “They’re darker tanned than that on ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” said Tamar. “She doesn’t look African-American to me. She looks like me with a tan!”

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