Lil Mo dishes on spin-off, ‘R&B Divas,’ Kelly Price

    Lil MoTracy: Speaking of “the wizard,” do you think the producers, TV execs, editors or whoever gave Kelly Price a bad deal?
    Lil Mo: I don’t know what she got. All I can is what she gave is what she got back, and that’s real. I can assure you; I told her numerous times. I’ve taken up for her even on set. I gave up. There are people who are set in their ways. You know how you have that one auntie who just curse everybody out and when you go to their funeral, they’re just like, “That’s just how she is.” That’s just how she is. Nobody ever saw that side because we’re so used to the singing. That’s why when you show your personal life…that all comes from the people around you. If you just have one person around you and they allow you to be, basically, you and they don’t ever pull you to the side and say, “You can’t do that, shorty.”

    Tracy: How are things with the ladies now?
    Lil Mo: The one who I keep in touch with the most is Michel’le. Once you’re around people so long, you just miss them. I haven’t spoken to Chante [Moore] in a while. I know she’s on the road. I haven’t seen Claudette [Ortiz] since we shot the behind-the-scenes stuff for the “Divalogues” that had aired. For the most part, I’m working. We shouldn’t have that much conversation; we all should be working and just wishing each other well. As far as the other two, I don’t even follow them on Twitter: Kelly and Dawn [Robinson].

    Tracy: Is there going to be a season 2?
    Lil Mo: Our ratings were so high. They would be foolish not to, but that’s not up to me.

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