Lil Mo dishes on spin-off, ‘R&B Divas,’ Kelly Price

    Lil Mo

    Tracy: How concerned are you about the image that you’re projecting on reality TV and how it impacts young girls?
    Lil Mo: I have an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old daughter, and I know that whatever they see and watch they become. My daughters just know I go hard for my family. That’s just how I am. I tell my daughters, “Don’t back down,” but one thing about me can’t nobody say I’m an instigator. I don’t initiate. I don’t start it, but I will finish it. It will get done and I’m going to do it decent and in order and it’s going to be professional and it’s going to be cute. One thing I’m not going to do, I’m not going to throw something. I’m not tacky at all. I’m a businesswoman and I realize that your image, your reputation, your integrity, all of that is a reflection of your brand…I have no problem being a role model because I’m not perfect, but I’m real.

    Tracy: Are you hoping for a reality spin-off?
    Lil Mo: I want a reality spin-off, and I also want to be in a sitcom…I want to get into acting. I want to share more of my comedic side. Reality TV, that’s a great marketing tool, but I think if people stay in it forever, then people will get tired of you. I think there are so many other doors that it can open. You can get your own talk show. You can get your own radio show. Everything that it has to offer, I want to get from it.

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