Daily Buzz 11.12.13: Peter Gunz laughs about love triangle fight

    Peter Gunz laughs about Tara Wallace and Amina Budafly’s fight

    Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz were pretty amused with Tara Wallace’s fight with Amina Buddafly on “Love & Hip Hop” last night. To be fair, he got in a giggle or two over the beatdown he caught from Tara after he revealed that he was having an affair Amina.

    The rapper was nervous to break the news to his babymama and girlfriend of 13 years. “My heart is racing a little bit because Tara is hand happy. She likes to throw them hands all the time,” Peter explained while rewatching the scene. “I’m in full b*tch mode, bobbing and weaving. I probably can’t walk around the Bronx after that.”

    He didn’t have quite as much to say when he saw Tara and Amina’s brawl again. But he did recognize Tara’s calm before the storm, stating, “That look that Tara got on right there, is like the Christmas Eve to the bullsh*t.”

    When Tara landed that first smack all he could do was laugh. Take a look!

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