Jamie Foster Brown explains the Sister 2 Sister mission

    JamieFosterBrownCrop1Jamie Foster Brown has interviewed just about everybody from Bob Dillon to K.Michelle and more over the past 25 years, but she had never been interviewed for the cover of Sister 2 Sister. Author Zane sat down with the magazine’s founder to ask her about her quarter-century at the helm of the publication.

    Jamie explains why she first launched S2S in 1988 and how her passion for uplifting African Americans continues to burn as hot as ever. Plus, get the story of how it all began.

    Get a peek and find out more in the December 2013 issue.


    Zane: What do you think is the biggest obstacle facing you as a member of the Black press?
    Jamie: Our biggest obstacle is that we think the White man’s ice is colder, and we’ve been taught that. The Willie Lynch Syndrome is when you don’t believe in your own people. The light-skinned and dark-skinned go against each other. The White man is the almighty. That’s been ingrained in us, and if you didn’t believe it, they would beat it into you. I’m pissed about that.

    Zane: It pisses me off when they do that.
    Jamie: I have a lot of patience with Black people because of what was done to us as a race. Our DNA has so much grief in it and violence. That doesn’t simply go away. That lives with us and is carried from generation to generation. The mistrust that we have in one another that was inbred in us, how does that go away? There’s no big psychiatrist in the sky that’s going to come down and heal us. If a person were told that they were ugly and stupid and they were beaten and they were raped, and their family was torn from them, it would take a whole slew of psychologists to try to put that person back together. We don’t have that happening with us, so each one of us has to teach one. So I felt that, and now you’ve just hit the core of why I did Sister 2 Sister.

    Jamie Foster Brown, Floyd MayweatherGet more from Jamie and Zane in the December 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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