NeNe Leakes sides with Phaedra Parks


    NeNe Leakes won’t be heading out for tea with Phaedra Parks any time soon, but she agrees that Kenya Moore had no business texting her husband.

    Everyone has an opinion about whether or not Kenya was wrong for exchanging messages with Apollo Nida. Kenya doesn’t understand why people are so upset because she claims he’s the one that initiated contact. Most other people, however, think Kenya should have ignored him because it breaks the unwritten rules of being a woman.

    NeNe would be one of the women who agrees with that. “Here’s my take on it: Kenya, it’s inappropriate to text anybody’s husband without their knowledge. You broke the G-Code!” NeNe wrote in her latest Bravo blog.

    That was just the most charitable thing that NeNe could say about Kenya, whom she called out for getting evicted from her home regardless of the conditions behind it.

    “Keeping it as real as possible is how I like to roll, and staying true to who I am is important to me,” NeNe wrote. “So I sat down with Miss Delusional, whom I see right through, and the first thing I told her was that ‘I’m dating you! We are still getting to know each other, but because I know how to be a good friend and this is my city, I will take you to find a place to live!'”

    And NeNe’s a bit tired of hearing Kenya talk about her ex-beau Walter Jackson. The former Miss USA wanted to know why the “I Dream of NeNe” star chose to invite him to her wedding. As the bride, though, NeNe felt it was within her rights to invite whoever she wanted and no special considerations were being made for anyone–least of all Kenya.

    “Gregg and I could care less if Kenya attended or not,” NeNe stated. “She remains unimportant to us! I’m just hopeful that Kenya can find a new man to talk about, because Walter is so yesterday.”

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