Tahiry turns down Joe Budden’s proposal?


    Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose may not be jumping the broom anytime in the near future.

    According to TheYBF.com, suspicions that Joe proposed to Tahiry in Time Square last week were absolutely correct, but there’s word that he may not have gotten the answer he was seeking.

    The pair were indeed spotted shooting a scene for “Love & Hip Hop” as Tahiry prepared to open up her new night spot Club Suite 135. When Joe pulled her away for an intimate moment, he want very public with a show of his affection for the model.

    The pair have gone through a lot in their relationship over the years, but TheYBF.com reports that he had attempted to put a ring on it. Attempted being the key word there.

    Supposedly, Tahiry turned down his proposal, but neither she nor Joe have spoken on the situation at this time.

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