Daily Buzz 11.13.13: Ciara sets a wedding date

    Akon endorses polygamy

    Akon’s a polygamist and he thinks more people would be happy at home if men were allowed to have more than one wife.

    “I think if America adapted that culture, there would be less domestic disputes,” he told TMZ, pointing out that many guys have more than one woman anyway. “The average guy in the world has a main girl, then they got a side chick and then they got a jump off.”

    The “I Wanna Love You” singer would understand mongamy if men could find everything they need in one woman. He just doesn’t think it will happen.

    He added, “I don’t know no one woman that can satisfy every man’s one need. It’s impossible. Just like there’s no one man that can satisfy a woman’s every need.

    But how does he feel about women having more than one man? Find out!

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