Pebbles: Left Eye, T-Boz wanted Chilli out

    Chilli_PebblesAccording to Pebbles, Chilli’s multiple romantic liaisons, first with Dallas Austin and then with L.A. Reid, contributed to Left Eye and T-Boz wanting her out of the group.

    Contrary to what viewers saw in VH1’s TLC biopic, Pebbles said it was Chilli’s fellow group members who wanted her out once she began a romantic relationship with producer Dallas.

    “This is what they said to me: ‘She’s in here doing this and doing that,’” Pebbles explained to Wendy Williams Wednesday. “They had group rules. I sat down with them early on and said, ‘Establish how you want to be a unit, so you can keep your communication together. Make rules. Don’t cross these rules.’”

    Pebbles said that one of those rules included not fraternizing with producers and other “help.” “They did not like it. They did not want it,” said Pebbles.

    Apparently, Dallas wasn’t the only man associated with the group with whom Chilli had relations. Pebbles “absolutely” believes that the “sexy” one of the trio also slept with her husband.

    “I didn’t know. I suspected a couple of things, and I didn’t want to believe that,” said Pebbles who once thought of the three girls as daughters.

    Though she believes there was a romantic affair, Pebbles said she never actually caught them together, as some rumors intimated.

    “Believe me when I say, I saw a couple of things,” said Pebbles who thinks Left Eye and T-Boz were aware of the alleged extramarital affair.

    While she obviously has a bone to pick with Chilli and T-Boz, who were the masterminds behind the film, Pebbles is seemingly aiming her lawyers toward VH1.

    “It’s not really about the girls, other than they are the messengers. You keep saying something that’s not true. That’s not okay, but VH1 you are helping to promote the untruth,” she said.

    The allegations by TLC aren’t anything new, and Pebbles explained that she didn’t bother defending herself against the 20-year-old rumors, but since the film resurrected the drama, she’s speaking out now.

    “You took your lies to another level. So, now I have to say something,” she said.

    Since the movie premiered in October, Pebbles said she’s been contacted by the network, and VH1 clarified that the movie was not supposed to be a based on actual factual events.

    “You said it was a true story. You told the public this, and you made hate campaigns start against me, and now all of a sudden in your fine print, you’re going to say, ‘Some of it’s made up,’” said Pebbles. “The supposed true story is not true, and VH1 will be hearing from me.”

    Watch Pebbles and Wendy below.

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