Porsha Stewart admits her marriage was lacking

    Porsha_StewartDon’t expect the same old Porsha Stewart on season 6 of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The Georgia Peach said she’s learned a lot since her reality TV debut, and viewers will soon be introduced to Porsha 5.0.

    “Porsha 5.0 gets down this season. I’m just about speaking my mind, so if you come for me, I will definitely take care of you,” Porsha said on “Watch What Happens Live” when asked about the conflict between her and fellow co-star Kenya Moore. “This season I can definitely say Porsha 5.0 is having none of that.”

    “Kenya and I don’t have a personal relationship. There are some women you just don’t connect with. I just don’t deal well with foolishness and lies being told,” Porsha told Entertainment Weekly.

    Though she gets along with the rest of her co-stars, Kenya isn’t the only person with whom Porsha failed to connect.

    “We just weren’t really attached to each other emotionally the way we needed to be,” Porsha said about her soon-to-be ex-husband Kordell Stewart. “That was a sign for me that this isn’t going to be the marriage I pictured.”

    When Porsha was first introduced on the show, her tagline suggested she has a “picture perfect life,” but she admitted that things weren’t as fantastic as they may have seemed to viewers.

    “Our first year — though we were married for two, it seemed like it was 15, because as a new couple, we went through a lot. I had a miscarriage and major surgery because of fibroids. Through it all, I started to see who Kordell was as a person,” she said.

    Porsha said her divorce will be finalized soon. While she questioned why Kordell initially decided to end their marriage, he has recently shared that he was unhappy with her independent attitude. However, Porsha wouldn’t even dignify Kordell’s claims with a response.

    “I didn’t hear the interview, and I really don’t care to comment on anything Kordell has to say. He’s saying it for a reason and wants everybody to think of me in one way,” she said. “At the end of the day, Kordell knew who I was to him and what I did and how I felt about his son. I don’t have to justify that at all.”

    Her brief marriage taught Porsha a lot and she’s learned that she can endure heartbreak, but when it comes to being a wife, she wouldn’t do things too differently.

    “If I got married again, I would be the exact wife and mother, because I put 100 percent into my relationship,” she said.

    Read the entire Entertainment Weekly Q&A here.

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