Regina Hall ready to strip again?

    Regina HallRegina Hall gambled in 1999 when she sauntered onto the big screen for the first time as a stripper. Stars are often pigeonholed into playing a certain kind of role, but that didn’t happen for her.

    “I’m offended because people say you gotta watch what you do,” Regina joked with Wendy Williams. “No one asked again.”

    The Best Man fans likely remember Regina—donned in black lingerie—catching the attention of Harold Perrineau’s character by offering him an exotic dance to the sounds of Cameo.

    Though she’s still physically fit with a trim physique, she joked, “I have never been asked to play a stripper again. No one wants to see it.”

    In the sequel, The Best Man Holiday, Regina plays a wife who’s seemingly put the pole behind her.

    “She’s married and she has two children,” Regina said of her character Candace who is now wed to Harold’s Julian.

    Regina, who made her film debut in the ’99 classic, said the movie changed her life.

    “It was my very first movie. I met Sanaa Lathan on it, and we did Love and Basketball together, which was my second film,” she told “Then, at that point, I was visiting L.A. to stay and it led to a third film and a fourth film, and it was really a big deal because I’d never been on a set before.”

    It’s been 15 years since The Best Man hit screens, and Regina credits cable airings for sustaining the film and helping make a sequel possible.

    “It’s really exciting to know that 15 years later, an audience still wants to see those characters, and I think it’s also the power of cable because this one just plays and another generation discovers it,” she said.

    While fans of the original movie remember its lighthearted message of love, forgiveness and friendship, Regina said this film is a tad bit heavier.

    “This one has a totally different tone. It does, but it doesn’t. The first one has the joy of the wedding and in this one, they come together for the holidays, but it’s deeper than that,” she explained. “This one’s definitely different, but we still laughed.”

    Though it’s different from its predecessor, Regina doubts moviegoers will be disappointed.

    “I don’t think people won’t like it. I think they’ll just go, ‘Whoa, I didn’t think that was going to happen.’”

    Regina talks to about her next film with Kevin Hart.

    Watch Regina and Wendy below.

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