Torrei Hart talks dating after Kevin Hart


    After being with a man like Kevin Hart, Torrei Hart said that best way a man can win her over is with his sense of humor.

    While Kevin isn’t shy about sharing all the fun things that he gets to do in his new relationship, Torrei hasn’t been seen with anyone on her arm since their divorce. The funny lady isn’t exactly sitting home alone every night, but finding a man is not her priorty right now.

    “I dated. It’s not my main focus right now,” Torrei told “If I meet a nice guy, yes, definitely, I will date. I’m very picky. Kevin is an awkward man to follow. They can’t be a loser. They have to be funny.”

    Having been married to one of the top comedians in the industry, some guys know they better bring their best material for a night out with Torrei. Unfortunately, Torrei would really prefer to be with a man that’s not afraid to be himself. She’s not looking for another Kevin.

    “Some men I went on a date with and I could tell they’re trying to be funny. And if that’s not who you are, be who you are because that’s a problem,” Torrei explained. Being able to joke around is always nice, but a man’s got to bring more to the table than some laughs (although that is important).

    “He doesn’t have to be a comedian just that he makes me laugh. I need to laugh a lot. That’s the type of person I am. I can’t be around people who are too serious,” she added. “I need that humor. I also need loyalty. I need stability. I need somebody pretty much somebody I can trust more than anything.”

    Torrei, who will be starring in the Atlanta spin-off of “Hollywood Exes” with Tameka Raymond, said she gets more than enough of Kevin. They talk every single day so that they can be on the same page when it comes to their kids and what they need to do.

    “We are able to co-parent really well, which really helps us both. There’s things that I can do, stuff that he takes the kids and they have to do stuff,” Torrei shared. “We’re really good at co-parenting.

    Being able to raise the kids together without actually being together does come with some challenges, though. Torrei and Kevin might have things down to a science now, but it wasn’t always that way.

    “[It was] Definitely trial and error. Definitely now it’s been about two and a half years since the divorce. In the beginning it wasn’t this easy,” Torrei admitted.

    “Now we’re kind of like on a good schedule. We have a very good schedule. If we need to go off the schedule which is really all communication,” she continued. “Communication every single day almost every morning and just knowing what’s going on with the kid’s schedule. That’s pretty much it. I would have to say just daily communication.”

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