Daily Buzz 11.14.13: Draya Michele gets in fight with co-star

    Rich Dollaz talks Olivia

    Rich Dollaz thinks that Olivia made a huge mistake by slowly backing out of “Love & Hip Hop.” You may have noticed that the singer is nowhere to be found this season after only popping occasionally last cycle.

    Olivia’s been gradually withdrawing from the hit VH1 reality show, where she had hoped to gain a little more exposure and break free from the shadow of G-Unit. Unfortunately, Rich told Hot 107.9 in Philly that she made a mistake by exiting the show.

    “Olivia was not cool about putting her life on front street for the world to buy into her,” “Olivia missed the boat in regards to taking advantage of the reality show in regards to how Tamar Braxton, K. Michelle and Erica Mena did.”
    Speaking of Erica, he added that she’s doing pretty well for herself, stating, “People say I’m crazy when I say she is a star but she is booked every day Thursday thru Sunday and the only reason she isn’t booked for 2014 is because I’m charging you a new price in 2014.”

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