TLC disses Pebbles after Wendy Williams’ interview


    T-Boz and Chilli presented a united front as they responded to Pebbles’ testimony about her side of what went down between her and TLC.

    Weeks after her unflattering portrayal in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Pebbles sat down for the definitive reply to VH1’s TLC biopic. In the film, she was shown was depicted as a dishonest, money-hungry, manipulative manager. Since her days guiding TLC, Pebbles career has taken a turn for the divine since she now works as a minister.

    Pebbles has refuted the image that was presented of her in the film with online statements before, but her chat with Wendy was the first interview on the matter. While America was busy lapping up every drop of the tea that Pebbles spilled on “The Wendy Williams Show” Wednesday, T-Boz and Chilli hit up twitter with the exact same response (aside from a few differences in spelling).

    T-Boz and Chilli also released a joint statement denying Pebbles claims that Chilli had actually carried on an affair with her then-husband L.A. Reid.
    “No member of TLC ever slept with or had sexual contact with LA Reid as Perri falsely accused Chilli of on ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ In fact, Perri had falsely alleged the same thing happened with Tionne,” TLC asserted.

    And T-Boz rounded out her commentary on the interview by clearing up any accusation that she and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez had ever wanted to kick Chilli out of the group.

    T-Boz wrote, “I would like to confirm that Perri Reid was the only person who ever suggested that Chilli leave TLC. Neither Lisa nor I ever wanted or suggested that.”

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