Trina Braxton in for the ‘long haul’ with hubby?

    TrinaBraxton_FPSSThey say breaking up is hard to do and Trina Braxton would likely agree as she’s filed for divorce from her husband more than once, but isn’t quite sure she’s ready to end things.

    “Braxton Family Values” fans have watched season after season as Trina and hubby Gabe Solis have experienced the ups and downs of marriage, complete with infidelity.

    Trina seemed unsure about whether to actually put an end to her marriage when she recently spoke to, and she admitted she’s been influenced by others’ opinions.

    “Life is difficult and when you are expressing personal decisions in front of America and in front of everyone, you open yourself up to a lot of opinions and sometimes that kind of clouds your decision making,” she said.

    Instead of moving full throttle, Trina said she’s going to pause and gain some perspective, while focusing on co-parenting with Gabe.

    “I need some time to step back and let God and move myself out of the way. It’s been a difficult transition because it’s more than just myself, and it’s more than just me and Gabe. It’s me and it’s Gabe and it’s our family,” she said.

    “We have two children who we both love. Right now, we’re concentrating on being good parents. My older son’s in college and my youngest is in 10th grade,” she said.

    Though Trina described it as a “long haul,” she’s not too far away from having an empty nest. Will Gabe be sticking around with her, or will Trina be one lonely bird?

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    Trina may still be married, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Traci from hooking her up. Get a peek from the new season, premiering tonight at 9 p.m. EST on WEtv.

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