Columbus Short teases Harrison’s ‘Scandal’ backstory

    Columbus_ShortColumbus Short isn’t sure how his “Scandal” storyline is going to unravel, but he confirmed that fans will learn much more about Harrison Wright this season.

    “They’re busting open the Harrison backstory, and it’s going to be special. It’s going to be crazy,” Columbus told “Access Hollywood.”

    While viewers know about Huck’s former family and employment as a spy, Abby’s past abuse and Quinn’s escape from the long arm of the law, there’s not much known about Harrison, and Columbus has questions he wants answered.

    “We don’t know if we’re related. We don’t know if I love her. We don’t know what it is,” said Columbus, who can imagine Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope and Harrison being relatives.

    “I feel like I’d buy me being her brother, more than [a romantic interest],” he explained.

    Fans are already speculating about the co-workers’ relationship and they’ve done so via social media, a tool Columbus credits with the success of the show.

    “I’ve give Twitter the juice and say Twitter might be the reason we’re even still here,” he said. According to Columbus, Kerry had the idea to have all the show’s stars create their own accounts. They were reluctant, so she called in reinforcements: Shonda Rhimes.

    “Shonda sent out an email, mandating it,” said Columbus.

    Kerry, who volunteered on President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, had already witnessed the power of social media, and she decided to use what she learned to help promote the show.

    “That grassroots kind of mentality is what helped Obama become president. She used that same mentality and applied it to “Scandal,” said Columbus who thanked the show’s viewers for being more than fans.

    “They’re gladiators,” he said.

    Watch Columbus below.

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