Daily Buzz 11.15.13: Porsha Stewart slams Kenya Moore

    Wendy Williams sides with Pebbles?

    Whether it was Pebbles or Left Eye and T-Boz, someone wanted Chilli out of TLC. For years, it was always assumed that Chilli’s brief departure from the group may have been linked to Chilli allegedly sleeping with L.A. Reid.

    When Pebbles sat down with Wendy Williams, she claimed that Chilli did indeed sleep with her then-husband, but that wasn’t why she was cut from TLC.

    Not totally convinced that the rumored canoodling didn’t have anything to do with the decision, Wendy said she wouldn’t have blamed Pebbles if it were true.”There’s three sides to every story,” Wendy said after the interview. “Personally speaking, if it was Chilli sleeping with my husband, I’d kick her out of the group. And I would say that I kicked her out of the group because of that.

    She added,”Part of me thinks that it’s true that T-Boz and the dearly departed Left Eye wanted her out of the group because there was too much friction.”

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