Nia Long wanted White boyfriend for Best Man Holiday


    Nia Long wanted her character to The Best Man Holiday to get down with the swirl to address the very real topic of interracial dating.

    In trailers for The Best Man Holiday, Nia’s character Jordan gets a little grief for “dating a White boy” from her old friend Harper (played by Taye Diggs). Whether jokingly or not, Harper’s initial reaction isn’t far off the mark for what some people experience when others find out that they’re dating outside of the race.

    When asked why he decided to bring on Eddie Cibrian as Jordan’s love interest, director Malcolm Lee said it was all Nia’s idea. And she owns it!

    “I thought it would be nice to add a little salt to the pepper. A little cream to the coffee,” Nia told

    “They meet because of the social worlds that they’re in and it works,” Nia said, framing how she and her on-screen beau came together. “When something works you don’t judge it based on what package it comes in. You judge it on how it makes you feel and if it works for your life.”

    Besides, it’s not like interracial dating is some shameful secret anymore. In 2013, you’re equally as likely to see two Black people in love as you are to see someone Black holding hands with their non-Black significant other. Nia thinks the script decision is just a reflection of the times, not some slight against Black men as a whole.

    “We’re living in a modern world where it happens and it’s OK and it’s no disrespect to any black man,” Nia stated. “I love black men, but the reality is the sistas are marrying white men and the brothas are marrying white women and that’s the world that we live in. And it’s not to be judged, and I think if it works for you then embrace it.”

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