Daily Buzz 11.19.13: Third ‘Best Man’ movie on the way?

    Nia Long talks dating Peter Thomas

    Apparently Peter Thomas has always aimed high in his love life! Nia Long revealed on “Watch What Happens Live” that she and Peter “tried to date” back in the day.

    “I have no idea who that guy is,” Nia joked after watching a clip from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” where Peter talked about his brief relationship with her. “We did, but it was a long time ago.”

    Nia had nothing but good things to say about Peter, so what what went wrong? CocoaFab.com reports that, apparently, he tried to sleep with Nia before he’d really earned her goodies and she cut him loose.

    But, it’s not as though Peter couldn’t have gotten her in the sack. She said that’s he’s always been very handsome without hair and she loved his “beautiful, chocolatey skin”

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