Tara addresses Amina deportation rumors

    Tara WallaceMany have questioned whether Peter Gunz married Amina Buddafly so the singer could stay in the country, but Tara Wallace doubts that’s the reason the two are together.

    “As much as I would like to say that, I see a relationship there,” she told the DJs at Power 105.1. “I see a relationship there. Anything less than, ‘I want to divorce her immediately to work on my family…’ there’s nothing else to talk about.”

    Initially, it seemed like Amina was just your run-of-the-mill delusional side chick, but as viewers continued to tune into “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” it became clear that genuine feelings were involved, and they weren’t one-sided.

    Though they still spend time together, Peter and Tara are no longer together, and he’s reportedly living with Amina now.

    “That’s a relationship that they’ve cultivated over this year,” acknowledged Tara who said she laughs to keep from crying.

    While fans have questioned why she remains close to Peter, she reiterated that they’re raising two boys together. Tara isn’t too pleased with the example Peter’s setting for her sons, but she hopes they won’t follow their dad’s lead.

    “I’m definitely concerned about that. I just remember my mother taking a lot from my father,” she shared. “We were always so angry with her for taking so much. I hope that when my boys are able to view this, hopefully, in a perfect world, Peter would have grown; he would have matured. He would have done a lot of great things, so they can say, ‘This is where my dad was. Look at him now.’”

    As for Amina’s deportation, Tara didn’t confirm or deny the rumor.

    “I don’t know anything about that,” she said.

    Watch more from Tara below.

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