Evelyn Lozada explains canceled ‘Basketball Wives’ reunion

    Basketball Wives season 5 promo

    Evelyn Lozada confirmed that she skipped out on the ‘Basketball Wives’ season 5 reunion because she has no interest in rehashing the past.

    When you spend an entire season coping with the same issue, what’s really left to say? For Evelyn, nothing!

    When season 5 of “Basketball Wives” made its big debut, viewers were thirsty for the Evelyn’s thoughts on her failed marriage to Chad Johnson. How was she handling the split? What happened in the car? Did she still love him? Fans wanted to know it all!

    Since her storyline was dominated by the personal fallout from her short-lived marriage, Evelyn knew that it would likely be a major topic of discussion had she agreed to do a reunion.

    “Choosing not to beat a dead horse! We all want 2 move on with life,” Evelyn explained to one fan on Twitter earlier this week. “Didn’t want 2 keep dwelling on the past.”

    When she opted to decline an invite for the post-season pow wow, that shut down the entire production. It was an abrupt discovery considering season 5 was much shorter than previous seasons at just 10 episodes.

    There’s no word on whether VH1 will ever go back and gather up the rest of the cast to discuss season 5 or if “Basketball Wives” will be renewed for another cycle at this time.

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