NeNe Leakes: ‘I’m thankful to be alive’

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    NeNe Leakes

    NeNe Leakes is grateful to be on the mend at home since her shocking medical emergency.

    The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was admitted to a hospital on Monday after feeling a little under the weather for a couple of days. It wasn’t so much that she wasn’t feeling her best, it was that she was actually having a hard time breathing.

    “I wasn’t feeling well and was feeling a little short of breath. I know my body and I know when I should be concerned so I went to the hospital to get checked out,” Nene revealed in a open letter to fans.

    “After some routine tests I was diagnosed with blood clots in my lung,” NeNe shared. “I’m told this happened to me because of the constant traveling around the country that I do for my job.” This is the same reason that doctors had given Vincent Herbert when he collapsed while suffering from blood clots in his lung.

    Initially, there were rumors that NeNe had suffered a heart attack, but the Bravo housewife asserted that this was not the case.

    “Contrary to published reports I did not have a heart attack,” NeNe wrote in her statement. “I am fortunate to have had a wonderful experience with the doctors and nurses who took care of me. I’m blessed to be home with my wonderful Husband and family!”

    After thanking fans for their prayers and concerns, she also took some time to express some gratitude for that fact the doctor that treated her.

    She stated, “I’m thankful to be alive as the doctor advised me that most people don’t recognize the symptoms of blood clots and don’t go to the doctor and that’s when the big problems start happening.”


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