Nicci Gilbert talks ‘R&B Divas’ exit, spin-off


    It’s official!  Nicci Gilbert is exiting “R&B Divas,” but she’s got plans to branch out with her own show!

    After a couple rounds of cast dismissal rumors, the “R&B Divas” creator will not be returning to the show. But she wasn’t given the boot, she had no plans of coming back for another cycle.

    “I just realized that it really wasn’t a good look for me as a 43-year-old woman with a daughter that I’m trying to raise,” Nicci told “I actually wasn’t going to come back for season two because there were things that occurred that I wasn’t happy about.”

    She wasn’t exactly a fan favorite, drawing harsh criticism for her actions on the show as many labeled her the cast villain. Nicci believes that she was really misunderstood. Moving forward, the Brownstone front woman had some advice for fans on how to treat

    “Try to have an open mind…at the end of the day, reality stars are just doing what they can to feed their families,” Nicci explained. As it turns out, she took the hate pretty hard, and it really affected her mental and emotional state. She confessed, “There were times where I would wake up so stressed, I thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

    Don’t cry for Nicci, though, she’s not totally done with “R&B Divas.” She pointed out, “I’m still getting a check as a producer, so please, tune into R&B Divas!”
    For those that liked Nicci (or at least loved to hate her), don’t fret doesn’t plan to be off your TV for too long. According to, Nicci is working on a spin-off for next year!

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