Report: Khloé Kardashian plans to divorce Lamar Odom

    Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

    There are whispers that Khloe Kardashian plans to leave Lamar Odom and she’s waiting for the right time to hit him with a divorce.

    The former Los Angeles Clippers player has been facing a very hard time this year as he’s faced reports of drug abuse and marital infidelity. Although he has not been living at home with Khloe for a few months, she’s stood by his side in support through it all.

    The status of their marriage has been in question since Lamar’s affairs were revealed. When the pair were spotted out on a date night at a Kanye West concert, though, divorce speculation died down.

    Still, Khloe may not be planning to stick around for too much longer. According to, Khloe’s waiting until his career is back on track to leave him since she’s not one to kick a man while he’s down.

    “She’s still recovering herself from all the s—t Lamar put her through,” a source told “Khloe will stay [married] long enough so that he’s healthy and back in the NBA and standing on his own two feet. After that, she’s going to cut the cord.”

    Of course, this rumor came just hours after Khloé posted a sexy selfie on Instagram that people assumed was for Lamar.

    No one from the Kardashian camp has spoken out to confirm or deny the rumor that Khloe is planning a divorce at this time, but now the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star is standing by her man.

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