Daily Buzz 11.21.13: Fantasia denies new romance

    Peter Gunz hates Erica Mena

    To put it simply: Peter Gunz skipped the “Love & Hip Hop” premiere party because of Erica Mena.

    Peter was noticeably missing from the bash celebrating season 4 of “LHH,” where he was sure to run into plenty of questions about his love triangle with Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly. Although he confessed that he wanted to

    “I didn’t want to be in a position where I’m sitting in between Amina and Tara bickering,” Peter explained before revealing that it was actually another cast mate that made him want to stay home. “I don’t like Erica Mena. I hate her guts–and I don’t hate nobody.”

    To really drive home how much he dislikes her, he continued to elaborate on why her presence meant him declining an invite to the premiere. “She’s disgusting,” said Peter. I sincerely–from the bottom of my heart–hate her. I did not want to sit on the stage next her. I didn’t want to do no press.”

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