Porsha Stewart talks faith, finding Mr. Right

    Porsha StewartPorsha Stewart is a self-proclaimed woman of God, and she’s looking forward to meeting a man who is equally yoked.

    According to Porsha, it was her faith and the Biblical definition of love that had her holding on to her marriage to Kordell Stewart even when things weren’t going smoothly.

    “I made it in my marriage as long as I did because even when I was upset and pissed and mad or whatever I would ask, ‘what is love?’ and I would always go back and read that love is kind and endured,” explained Porsha, who is looking to marry again.

    “I would love someone who is God-fearing,” she told VibeVixen.com. “I’m a hopeless romantic. I still have big dreams. I still have big hopes and I believe in that fairytale. I believe it can happen because I’m blessed and I’m highly favored.”

    As for whether or not she’s down with the swirl, Porsha admitted she’s not going to date Black men exclusively. “At this point, race isn’t a factor for me.”

    Porsha’s just getting herself together right now and that includes launching hair and skin care products, working on music, and starring in a play produced by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kandi Burruss.

    However, once she finds love again, she may return to life as a housewife.

    “The divorce has been bittersweet. It’s sweet because I got my voice back and I’ve gotten back to Porsha, but it’s bitter because I love to take care of people—cooking and cleaning and all that. It felt good for me to cook a meal and have you sit down and eat it. I love that,” she said.

    The next time, Porsha said she will be much more honest about the relationship warning signs and not be blinded by love.

    “A lot of times when you get in a relationship, you put on blinders and you ignore the red flags and you just move right along with it because he’s cute,” she said. “There were just different things I swept under the rug and acted like it was okay, and it really wasn’t.”

    Though “RHOA” fans likely point their fingers of blame at Kordell, Porsha said she did play a part in the demise of her marriage.

    “Once you accept the blame for your part in the break up, you start working on you from the inside out,” she said.

    Get more of Porsha’s VibeVixen.com Q&A here.

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