Tara Wallace pushed Peter Gunz to Amina Buddafly


    Tara Wallace was fully in support of Peter Gunz representing Amina Buddafly before she knew about their affair.

    Tara may have set up the demise of her own relationship. The “Love & Hip Hop” star revealed to The Breakfast Club that it was actually her idea that Peter put a little more effort into being Amina’s manager.

    “You know, Amina was a person that I was encouraging him to manage. I still do think that Amina is a great songwriter,” she said. “Mariah Carey should be singing these songs. Nick Cannon should be listening to this, like really promoting this girl’s music. One day I sat him down and said, ‘What’s stopping you from managing her wholeheartedly?’ And yeah…”

    Of course, now that she knows Amina was messing around with Peter for such a long time, she doesn’t have such a favorable opinion of the singer as a person. She’s openly called Amina a homewrecker, but Peter pointed out that Tara was once just like Amina.

    How? The “Uptown Baby” rapper revealed that for a while Tara was the other woman.

    “He said that? Well, I guess that’s part of Peter’s continuous cycle. I’m sure there’s always a triangle involved with Peter,” Tara said before breaking down how they became a couple. “I was dating him. I was in graduate school We were just dating for fun. We were friends. At some point we became friends with benefits. ”

    Just like Amina, Tara said that Peter told her his previous relationship was over, but she confronted his then-girlfriend when she learned about the overlap.

    “He was involved with someone and I did not know. I did speak to this young lady at some point,” Tara recalled. “And I was like, ‘Listen, we’re just friends. I don’t know what to tell you. No, he didn’t tell me [he was in a relationship].’”

    She added, “He said he was breaking up. As years progressed, this young lady moved to another state and at that moment he and I really became close. We became a couple.”

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