Daily Buzz 11.22.13: Jennifer Hudson buys fiancé engagement ring

    Jennifer Hudson buys fiance an engagement ring

    The times, they are changing. Years ago it would have been unheard for a woman to buy her man an engagement ring, but Jennifer Hudson doesn’t see anything wrong with it. In a recent chat with Hot 97, the singer dodged rumors of a speculative secret wedding.

    When J.Hud received her star on the walk of fame, some noticed that her fiance David Otunga was wearing a band around his wedding ring finger. People wondered whether the pair had eloped, but Jennifer revealed that it’s actually an engagement ring.

    “David is a little different. Let me explain. He wanted to have an engagement ring, too. So, for his birthday or something, I don’t remember, I got him a ring for his birthday gift,” Jennifer explained, adding that he wanted a way for everyone to know that he is off the market. “He wanted to have his own ring. [He said,] ‘Everyone knows you’re taken but no one knows I’m taken,’ and so that’s where his ring came from.”

    What about those rumors of a secret wedding, though? “No, no. That’s a secret I don’t know nothing about,” said Jennifer. “But the funny thing is, people are like, ‘When are you getting married?’ Then the next day, ‘You are married.’ And then, ‘How’s your husband?’ Y’all done married us off anyway so…”

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