Niecy Nash stars in HBO’s ‘Getting On’

    Niecy NashFans know Niecy Nash from “Clean House,” “Reno 911,” “The Soul Man” and her short-lived reality show, but they’ll see another side of the actress when her HBO series premieres Sunday.

    Niecy co-stars with Laurie Metcalf and Alex Bornstein in the new show, “Getting On,” whose premise doesn’t really sound that funny at first.

    “We play nurses who take care of geriatric patients,” Niecy said. “Spicy geriatric patients. They’re fussing. They’re fighting. They’re having sex. They’re doing all sorts of things.”

    As with many HBO comedy series, the humor isn’t in-your-face slapstick. There’s no laugh track and the actresses’ dry delivery may leave some viewers wondering whether the humor is deliberate.

    “Everything is played very small and just very real and that’s where the comedy comes from,” she told KTLA Fox 5. That’s a change for Niecy, but she’s up for the challenge.

    “This is really a departure for me. You see me very different. I think people will be pleasantly surprised. I think they’ll say, ‘We didn’t know she could do that,’” she said. “I knew it was different, but I knew I could do it. It’s still very funny.”

    While fans will get to see Niecy in a different kind of role, they’ll also notice that her appearance is not what they’re used to.

    “It is the one job I have had in this industry where you can come to work looking like anything. The more tired, the more haggard you are, they love it. There’s no glamorous hair. There’s no makeup,” she Niecy who won’t be rocking the “Clean House” flower in her hair.

    “We are so raw and so vulnerable…You might not recognize me. It’s HBO who made me just take all of the beauty down. Take off the pretty hair; take off the eyelashes; take off the Spanks,” she said. “Rude!”

    See Niecy in “Getting On” below and tune in Sunday at 10 p.m. EST for the premiere.

    Niecy talks more about the show below.

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