Tara Wallace doesn’t buy Amina Buddafly’s ignorance excuse

    Tara WallaceTara Wallace isn’t convinced that romantic rival Amina Buddafly was unaware of her status as Peter Gunz’s main woman.

    “I think that’s almost an out and about lie. Where Amina works, we frequent that place,” Tara told the DJs at Hot 97 in New York. “Not only do we visit this place, there are people she’s singing right next to that know our entire story. She turned a blind eye because she wanted to.”

    Amina has maintained that she didn’t realize how serious things were between Tara and Peter, and she’s placed most of the blame for the love triangle on Peter.

    “The thing about people who lie and they do things behind your back, they become professionals at it,” said Tara who admits she should have looked at Peter’s track record and expected as much.

    “I’m not surprised when I look at Peter’s past, and I see the same behavior. Did I think we had enough love and he thought enough of me to do better? Absolutely,” said Tara.

    Peter betrayed her by marrying Amina while basically still living with her and their children as a family, and Tara said she’s hoping to see a change in the man she dated for nearly 13 years.

    “I definitely see pain in Peter’s eyes sometimes, but then I look for the action to follow. What action is he going to follow this with?” she asked, noting that she hasn’t been impressed with his response so far. “The actions keep showing something different.”

    It doesn’t seem that Tara has ruled out reconciliation with Peter at some point, but she said she’s not trying to wait until he’s old and gray to have a committed, monogamous relationship with the man.

    “At some point, you have to grow up like everybody else. I don’t want you at 50 when you need your little pill. I don’t want you when it’s starting to sag,” she said. “I want you now.

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